About ConservativeFinance.org

Conservative Finance was launched to supply an essential service for all Americans, regardless of net worth:

A free guide that explains how to build wealth in order to find financial security, discover financial freedom – and achieve an early retirement.

Sadly, most people – including many ‘experts’ – believe that building a large sum of money requires taking incredible gambles. This assumption is false. In fact, the opposite is true.

Building wealth requires minimizing your risk – it just also requires that you understand what kind of risks to which you’re exposed. Most people do it backwards: they gamble big while living in ignorance of real risks. That’s a recipe for inefficiency and wasted wealth.

How ConservativeFinance.org is Different

There are plenty of websites out there teaching the nitty-gritty details of generic personal finance. There are countless coupon blogs, countless retirement blogs, and countless investment blogs. But almost none of them are written from a strategic perspective to provide a foundational framework for approaching risk in general, including career risks, business risks, and investment risks.

The details of how a 401(k) works are important, but anyone can Google that. Understanding how to craft a career strategy that will allow you to cautiously make more money with more peace of mind? That’s a guide worth reading.

What ConservativeFinance.org Will Teach You

Over the coming months and years, this website and project will provide free articles, books, reports, and newsletters explaining how to:

  • Retire dramatically earlier than you realize is possible
  • Minimize the risk of losing your savings – don’t fear another 2008 happening again
  • Maximize the chance that you’ll become a self-made millionaire (yes, it is ABSOLUTELY possible)
  • Use wealth to provide yourself with time to focus on your family’s needs – including their time needs
  • Reject consumerism in every form – consumerism is a social and cultural disease that everyone should hate
  • Use resource allocation strategies to get more done faster – and achieve goals most would never even consider

More specifically, our financial guides and tutorials will:

  • Teach you how to invest in real estate
  • Teach you how to use insurance to eradicate all sorts of risk in your life
  • Teach you how to get a large raise – bigger than you’ve ever received before
  • Teach you how to save more money that you save right now – and fast
  • Teach you how to build a small “family office” strategy to defend your family’s legacy
  • Teach you how to think like a medieval king – focusing on real assets that provide security and freedom

None of these articles are just theory. They’re all real-world explanations from men and women who have lived them out in their own lives.